This e-cigarette, otherwise known as vaping store, was opened Sept. 15th, 2013. Shortly thereafter I started going here for my vaping needs for a very specific reason. THEY HAVE AMERICAN MADE FLUIDS THEY USE IN THAT CUSTOM MIXING OF YOUR EJUICE!! So with that said, I have been a customer ever since. I know the owner and now have come to know the staff and they are all helpful and take care of you. Not to mention, they are members of the Five Star marketing group whereas you can get discounts and free ejuice just by being a regular customer and you also get random phone texts of promotions going on.

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The above picture is Cari Smith and you will find her there ready to wait on you most times during the week and sometimes her son, Colby, takes over for her to give her some much needed time off. All the staff can mix your e-juice of over one hundred and fifty flavors in several different sizes of bottles. They mix the juice in several different amounts of nicotine milligrams per bottle from 0mg to 24mg. I have been using eighteen myself but I dropped here this last order to sixteen. I mean the goal is to end up eventually quitting altogether but for me personally, I still crave it so I am what you call a moderate to heavy vapor person and vape just about everywhere I go and in the two years that I have been vaping, I’ve only been asked one not to vape at that location at that was in Austin. I can vape in the house now since I quit smoking cigarettes because vaping smells not at all and the smoke you see is actually vapor so no one complains. Cool huh? Great alternative to smoking all those carcinogens that are in cigarettes and you dont need a lighter or ashtray. I like it very much.


The above pic is of Up-N-Vape’s tasting room where you can test the dozens upon dozens of flavors of ejuice. What is the ejuice made of you ask? Well, what turns to vapor after going thru the process of being atomized is this…you are vaping, according to Cari;

1. Propylene glycol, vegitable glycerin, whatever milligrams of nicotine you desire from 0-24 milligrams, and the flavoring.

2. Read the short article listed at the top of the page please under the menu titled ‘Vaping in perspective’.


The above photo is just some of the accessories you can purchase at Up-N-Vape. They have quite a lot of the things you need: tanks, batteries, of course custom made e-juice, battery mods (which is a big battery), chargers (multiple batteries are suggested if you vape like I do, you dont want to be without power for your vaping device), backup batteries both large and small, different size tanks, vape flavors include TNT, vanilla trifecta and fuzzy peach among many many others (this is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes in so many ways :o)


Up-N-Vape has a Facebook page and the best way to find them since they do not have a custom url or internet address to to go to Facebook and use the search box on the upper left side of the Facebook page and type in their name and Terrell, Tx and the benefit of visiting their page is they have contests on there as well as in store from time to time. One last thing, ejuice is known to last up to one year on the shelf and a little tip from me to you, if you do decide to try vaping, first of all you can’t beat the service or staff at Up-N-Vape, plus the rewards program and all the other good feelings you get when you deal with these people, you know what I mean, finding a good business with good folks that stand behind their stuff is always a good feeling. But the tip I was going to mention was, dont forget to shake your bottle each time you fill your tank..ha ha…I went for a long time without doing this..takes me a while sometimes…LOL…hahaha…

Up-N-Vape is located at 310 W. Brin and the corner of Rockwall street in Terrell, TX…the front door and access to the parking lot all face Rockwall St.

Store hours:

Monday – Friday    10AM to 6PM,  Sat.   10AM to 4PM,   Sunday    Closed

Phone:   972-563-8273


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The Front Porch

The Front Porch

As you are taking a drive around Terrell, TX, at 304 N. Catherine St., you will find a quaint little sign out in front of a one hundred year old building; which is quite fitting for what you will find inside. Located just one half block up on Catherine St. of the American National Bank drive through mini bank, is The Front Porch. Owned and operated by Jerry and Beverly Burr.

The Front Porch came to be approx. three years ago and according to Jerry and is growing steadily. The rooms in this old house are plum full of goodies from various places as well as local artists sell their handmade goods there. There are arts and crafts of all sorts literally stuffed in every nook and cranny of this old building which has its original kitchen sink and well painted wooden counter-top.



Local artisans are represented there and include all sorts of handmade goods such as artwork, jewelry, beautiful wooden crosses and sewed items. Also included among all you will find are antiques of various sorts and The Front Porch makes a great place to run in and get that last minute gift for someone that you need in a hurry. Its amazing what fills the rooms with color and variety. You could probably shop there for a couple different trips and find something new. It is a well organized assortment of all types of gifts for any occasion, so you should drop by and give them a visit, you will be pleased with the assortment of goods on display as I was. Its an adventure in every room of the house.



I enjoyed going from room to room in this old building (I do love old buildings) with Jerry as my guide and in my mind I was thinking how incredibly cool this was. I wanted a few things from The Front Porch but I don’t have enough room in our little house for anything else. Jerry was a great guide and filled me in on all the little details of the house (its age of a hundred years old and places where the old plank boards were still showing) and its wares as we went along. He was a great host with impeccable memory of all the items in their store.

So to sum things up, if you need a last minute gift item, or any of an endless selection of something quick or take your time and look around but The Front Porch is the place to go for an adventure if you love to shop for, well, anything really from local crafts to just about everything else; go see Jerry and Beverly at the Front Porch and tell them what you are looking for and I would bet 9 times out of ten that they have it in their store or can get it for you. Jerry sits at the front desk with his laptop so he is able to keep up with anything you might have to say on this post or questions you may have.





Just call 469-474-7888 or email Jerry at thefrontporch@yahoo.com. Their open for business hours are: Tuesday thru Friday 9am to 5;30pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm. Their physical address is 304 N. Catherine which is not far off from Terrell’s main street, Moore Ave. or Hwy 80. Stop by and take a look….you will not be disappointed….The Front Porch, a great little gift and local artist shoppe…Go by and see them soon…its amazing what they have in there…

Charles Sanford

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Terrell Area Reviews is being updated finally after months of work. This site is going to be dedicated to any and all businesses in and around the Terrell, TX area. This website will feature businesses and make business owners aware that they can now have their business promoted via this website. Terrell Area Reviews is for businesses in Terrell but also serves businesses that would like to be shown on this page from outside the Terrell area to better serve the community. The reason being is that sometimes, we as individuals choose a particular route we follow on a routine. This is human nature in that like our pets, we are creatures of habit and oftentimes we do not retreat from those habits and therefore might miss something we might not otherwise know exists. I have driven through Terrell countless numbers of times and sometimes I deviate from my normal route to find something either I haven’t seen before; or there is something new, particularly a business that I did not know existed. For instance, I went to Starbucks the other day and have not been out that way in a while and low and behold, there is a HUGE gas station going up on the other side of Starbucks. I was amazed at how big this business is and it looks like it will employ more than a few locals and it should have a presence on the internet. I don’t know if you are aware, but more and more, people are going to their mobile devices to find a quick phone number to a business. I found myself looking up Risinger’s Vet Clinic on my mobile phone the other day to get their phone number for an issue I was having with one of my five rescues. It has been stated that soon a good percentage of folks will be using mobile devices to connect with businesses. I intend to help make that happen with this website for the information it will provide the citizens of Terrell and surrounding areas, where things are and how to call them and/or find them. If you have the time, and as I’m working out the knots of this website; please feel free to comment on this site and you may be featured on it and I will most certainly answer all questions. I will have a form up soon where you can put the name of your business and some details that will come to me and I’ll then get back in touch with you to feature you and/or your business on this website…take care of yourselves and each other and may God Bless you and yours….Charles Sanford